Jun 13, 2010

First off, I would want to apologize for my absence! A lot of stuff going on.. sorry.. I hope I won't let it happen again! LOL.. But in the mean while, I can sum up my week for you guys! :) I gotta new haircut! I know I know, I didn't even do my 1yr length check! I do have one, but I haven't posted it. Just because I cut my hair, doesn't mean that I'm any less natural! I'll just keep it short for a while! LOL.. Anywho.. I went to a Fish Fry and hung out with my family.. I DID NOT NEED FRIED FOODS, but it was so DELICIOUS! I went to Nashville Shores with my family for my little cousins Bday and we had a blast!! Back to the situation at hand.. I'm back and I'm ready to post! Love ya! 

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