May 18, 2010

Movie: The Other Bolyen Girl

Scarlett Johansson
Nathalie Portman
Eric Bana
Jim Sturgess
Music by: Ed Sharmur
Movie Release: February 29, 2008

This movie is extremely a must see. It's no longer in the theaters, as a matter of fact, I don't even remember when it was in theaters, but either way just watch it! I don't know if would capture everyone's interest because it's about the history of England, but it's not one of those boring historic stories! A king married to his queen whose not able to bare him a son, let alone a child, has to seek him a mistress. The king then comes to town to town to see which one he wants. He picks Mary Bolyen, whose the sister of Anne Bolyen, to bore him a son. Anne becomes jealous of her sister Mary and does deceiving things to her sister, and seduces the king up to the point where he almost destroys his country.. It doesn't sound like much.. but you HAVE to see it! It won't let you down!


Miss.Vee said...

i LOVE this movie!!! i've seen it like 5 times lol. oh BTW cute layout!

Rachel B. said...

Thanks Miss.Vee!! I love this movie!! who knew people were more scandalous back then than they are now!! I watched it twice.. I'll have to save it again for a rainy day! :)