May 12, 2010

Lately: Field Trips

Last week, Nashville had a really bad storm and the after effect was a really bad flood. I wasn't effected by the storm, neither were any of my close friends, but a lot of other people were. I don't think anyone was prepared for this to happen. Lives and homes were lost, and my condolences goes out to those that were effected by this tragic storm.

Photos by me: geauxbeau © 2010

My celebration of Cinco De Mayo was festive. I wasn't planning on doing anything because I had a final and a four page paper due in the same class the next day. Flame and I went to a nice Mexican restaurant, Las Plamas, and it was delish! It was packed and hot, but I managed to have fun. I ran into some of my FEDERATED sisters, and met some new people. I didn't go to sleep that night because I finished that paper and was done in time to be on time for my FINAL! By the by... I passed the class! 

This past weekend, I hung out with a couple of crazy chix! It was Rala's birthday (The one with the bread & butter hair) she turned 19 and ate a Beignet (Big Neck..LOL) those things were SO GOOD! We took a trip around the city on the trolly, window shopped, and had some good laughs! I always have fun when I get with these girls! Love you guys! 
Peace and Love


Anonymous said...

#Random! does the girl with the locs sing with Adajyo in Memphis?! My cuzzo is in that group! They're the bomb dot com =)

Rachel B. said...

Yes she does sing with them! Which member is your cousin??

Anonymous said...


Rachel B. said...

Oh really?!? I didn't know that!!! That's so ironic!!