Apr 10, 2010

Too Much Can be a Bad Thing...

Photo: People Magazine

First, I want to start off saying, people are entitled to do
amongst themselves whatever they feel is right to make them pleased and happy with themselves. However; my opinion remains that it is a such thing as over the board altering, especially when you become addicted.

Me personally, I loved the Hills- I still do. I can't make my final judgement until I view the final season. Though I was a faithful viewer and always agreed with my fav character Lauren Conrad, I couldn't help but to notice her sidekick Heidi Montag..

When the first season of the Hills came on, I noticed how Lauren would always would make wise decisions as far as her schooling and career in fashion went, and how Heidi was considering to drop out to be with some BOY! That's how I knew her head wasn't screwed on right or tight.

Heidi never appeared in my eyes to be one of a strong mind or a person to be an individual. I mean, look at the guy she chose to remain with and marry!! What I always thought was right. She's not a person of her own, nor is she confident or self assured. Which is why she has completely changed her image! I guarantee you that she's still not happy.. My opinion.

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