Apr 27, 2010

RANDOM: Dori T.'s Hair cut

I talked to one of my musical colleagues and friend Sunday about her beautiful hair.. when She stated that she wanted to cut her hair.. I don't know if she meant all off, but when she said cut the first thing that popped in my head was like Joie Lee's hair.. you know Spike Lee's sister who's in all of his movies.. This is what Dorian's hair looks like now.. Oh.. By the way.. she was in one of my natural hair interviews a while back.. search her in the engine! 

This is some of what I pictured her hair to be.. when she cuts it.

I think it'll be cute!


Anonymous said...

Yaassss!! This is definitely along the lines of where I wanna go. They both have a looser curl pattern than I so I think mine might be even shorter but I'm perfectly ok with that!

Flam! said...

I def think she should do it I think it would be really cut....