Apr 10, 2010

Ketchup on my weekend.

Last Friday I went home, and celebrated my Easter weekend with my Family. Friday was GOOD FRIDAY, so there wasn't any school!.. YIPEE! so...

I went to the movies to see "Why Did I Get Married, Too" with one of my favorite cousins JOCELYN. When we arrived at the movies, tickets were sold out until two hours later, and that was at 12:05am. So, we decided to go to Huey's and get some grub!.. oh and it had cool writings on the wall, and toothpicks in the ceiling! I didn't even have to sign my John Hancock, they beat me to it!

This was EASTER the day that Jesus rose from the grave!! I spent this day mostly with family.. and a good home cooked meal! Boy was I happy on this day. It was nice looking at the children hunt for eggs and catch temper tantrums. Good Laughs and Good Food!

I caught up with my dear good friends Flam and Sascha. Boy, do I love these ovaries! LOL.. I haven't gossiped to them in a while. We were at school in the student center, a place that we haven't visited since sophomore year! LOL.. But it was nice having laughs with these two!

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