Apr 24, 2010

"Dont' You wish You Had Hair Like this?"- Dancer in "School Daze"

This was my effin' movie! "School Daze" Directed by Spike Lee! I really don't understand why some people don't like Spike Lee Movies.. Cus I love em! From "Crooklyn" to "She Hate Me", to the movie about the guys in the war- All movies are great work! I was introduced to his movies when I first saw my favorite!!.. "School Daze". When I came upon this film, I couldn't wait to get to college! I was going to pledge, and walk around all sididdy! LOL.. I grew outta all of that stuff when I remembered that black people can get crazy! My fav scenes are the 

TALENT SHOW when Tisha Campbell and Jazmine Guy were performing in those black and silver sleeveless velvet dresses and the matching gloves! I still want my friends and I to do that for Halloween.. LOL

JIGABOOS VS. WANNABES make my eyes light up every time I hear those horns playin! That was the most fun and best way to express and deliver the issues of light skinned and dark skinned, kinky vs. straight! The dancing the singing.. I love watching talented black people! Makes me proud!

TASTE OF SCALP was so disgusting, yet entertaining to see because that's Gina! She wasn't Gina then, but she was Gina when I saw the movie. Dean Big Brother AlmighTy had his scalped moisture by Gina's mouth! Ha ha! Then he made her have sex with his LB.. STRAIGHT HO! LOL

If you haven't seen this movie.. go buy the DVD and watch! Hottest thing since '88 besides me!

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