Apr 22, 2010

CONFESSION: I'm 22... I'm allowed to be selfish.

I am 22 years old, a senior in college, that goes out for what she's always dreamed about, and everything I own and that is mine, I am very entitled to say "NO" if I don't want to share it with you. The main reason I'd never even considered dating a man with children is simply because A: I don't have time to be stepmom, and B: because It's supposed to be about me & you and only- not kids, babies mama, and the baby's family.. NO! I won't do it! It's not in me to share a relationship unless it's with my own children I have AFTER I'm married!
What has been going on with me, is that lately I feel like I'm loosing my sanity. I gain my sanity from being alone, thinking, creating, dreaming, and even listening to myself breathe- this is how I recharge myself for whatever I have to do next. I don't think some people understand that. I just need to get away ALONE, and go talk to me for a while.. sometimes the best conversation is the one with self.. -Peace and Sanity

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