Mar 2, 2010

Why I'm a bad blogger (Why I need to improve)

I was looking over my blog and I said to myself "I need to put more of myself into this!" As of right now, I think my blog is a bit boring simply because...

1. Lack of Posting. I try to post daily, but barely post weekly! My schedule is so hectic at times, and in some way some how I try to fit my blog into my schedule! I think I need to put it up there with homework and studying- Not entirely on the same line but directly under it.I mean I want more readers, but I don't give the people who ARE reading enough to read about! 

2. Not Enough of Me. When I look at other blogs of people with interesting lives, photo clippings, and things that they've bought. I wonder, why don't I do those things?! I looked back over "GEAUX BEAU", and it was very rare that I even showed any type of pic of myself doing anything, buying anything, or going anywhere! I bought a good @$$ camera and I'm NOT going to just let it sit around collecting dust! I want to show my likes/dislikes, Love & Hates through photography; which I'm very great at to be an amateur! I want my readers to feel like they're living their life with me. I want my readers to live with me though my blog!... and Comment TOO!

3. I Have No Life. I want to travel a lot and want to have time to shop and go out eating, but my life is consumed by studying and practicing my music- If i post daily about that, it would get boring and repetitive- and that's exactly what my life is! SAD but TRUE! I truly want a job, but I know if I get one, I definitely won't have time to blog and post anything!

I guess what I've learned about this self observant blog post while typing it, is that it's all about time management and engaging with your readers/followers, and putting yourself in your blog, not just a little bit but ALOT of yourself.. I'm getting to it... Watch.

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