Mar 7, 2010

Essentials.. In your BAG!

Hey People! Today I was caring my Ozzy & Drake all purpose leather black bag, and I was asked, "Girl, What's in that bag?!" and I thought my essentials and other stuff.. LOL.. So I wanted to do a post about what girls probably should need in their bag and that would most definitely come in handy...

1. Kleenex Tissues- These are always good to have! for a stray boogie, and patting the damp pits, and for whatever else you would use a tissue for! (:

2. Moist Wipes (Wet Ones)- Just for when there's a little freshening up needed, or when situations get a little sticky! LOL

3. Vaseline (petroleum jelly)- I put this glistener on my eyes and teeth! U can use this for moisturizing and/or a dewy look when applied around the eyes and on lips..Oh and ASH! lol try it!

4. Eye Liner- Okay, you're probably going somewhere that you didn't expect to go and you're not entirely made up.. you'll never go wrong with a little eye liner touch up!

5. Bobby Pins- For those with longer hair, you can have hair bows in your bag. If you're hair messes up, you can alway pin it some kind of way.., just make sure it' cute! ;-*

6. Chewing Gum- Me personally, I carry a travel toothbrush and paste in my bag, but don't always have time to re-brush, so gum would be an alternate. FRESH BREATH!

7. Asprin- You never know when a cramp or headache will pop up on ya, or any other pain for that matter..

8. Tampon or Pad- You never know Mama NATURE will pull a fast one on ya! So be prepared! LOL

9. Body Spray(mini)- Just to be refreshing and smell delicate and Appropriate (you should want to)

10. Hand Sanitizer- Too many germs to just walk around shakin' hands with no protection!

11. Safety Pins- With these, you'll always be prepared if a hole rips, something is too big, or if something falls apart!

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