Mar 17, 2010

Currently I am...

1. Dreading this "F" I've received in Music Theory 3. I am a music major, music is my love, and for me to fail!!..OH NO!! It really depresses me to the point where I want to change my major..

2. Getting tired of being college. I feel the exact same way I did my senior year in high school..READY TO GO! The scene, the people, the state, the school... everything!

3. Wanting to Find a Bag of Hundreds on the ground or in a corner somewhere, and just spend it all!! Not in one day, but spend it definitely... werd!

4. GAINING WEIGHT back. I was doing so good with my little lifestyle change... and then I went home, and started eating. I'm getting back to it.

5. Loosing Sleep doing too much that is going in my life at this point in time..

6. Signing off cause I'm loosing sleep and wasting time.. but I love you guys!

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