Feb 11, 2010

Mommy Music

Currently I'm a college student.. DUH! and my major is music (commercial)DUH! But there are some things that need to be altered in my life as far as where I want to end up when I'm like 50 or sumnthin.. you know? So...

Music passion: I know I love music and I'm always whisked away by what it is capable of.. but I feel like there's so much more offered to me, and I'm not taking advantage of it for me to sharpen my skill.. I'm a vocalist, and some people feel like there is no work for a vocalist and no work for the voice for it to get better, and that vocalist just sing to sing.. though I sing,I want to be more confident and assertive about my voice, and I want to become more of a musician in a way. I'm curious about piano, guitar, and drums.. there some work to be done!

music history: I need to know more of my craft and I need to know the pioneers of what I do and what made them so dedicated and what made them love it as much as they did.. I need to know the classical's, the jazz's, the symphonies and much much more.. I feel like I need to know more than I know....

music literature: I need to apply what I learn in my music classes to my everyday life, to my own songs, to my language! Music is so beautiful! it's one thing to know what sounds right, but it's a whole different thing to know what IS right and how to write it change it, give it different dynamics, and birth something so beautiful!

music family: I surely love being around my musical family in my building of music.. well actually it's for the really not needed mass communications people as well, but we never combine on anything.. I need to expand my musical family and see what's ringing in their ears and see what collabs we could do and see what they're doing and make myself if not as good but better! Humble myself and always make room for more growth!

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