Jan 4, 2010

Bad Girls Club- Natalie

Okay. So I'm a fan of watching Bad Girls Club, and I've been watching Season 4. I don't remember all of the girls, but they all stick out to me in some way or other. I'm not doing a post on all the girls, just Natalie. First and foremost I just wanna say that this is not a "bash the celebrity and/or people" blog, but sometimes I feel that some people need to be called out.
Now Natalie is from LA and she's supposedly "running" it. She's obviously a gold digger and is not content with herself. Though that's my opinion some may feel the exact way. Her first day in the house she's in peoples personal space yelling and being rude. I think she does that because she knows that no one will do anything to her because they don't want to be put off the show. She criticizes people, she insults people, and she puts people down- which is totally not cool..
I'm glad o'girl with the kid MOLLY WOPPED her!! She looks like Jay- Leno. LOL.. Let me stop.
She probably acts like that because she has never been comforted or loved. Maybe that's why her only confidant is MONEY (golddigger)- Talk about being in a relationship and you're not being loved in return.. and that paper don't love you back.. Money can make u UGLY!

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