Oct 6, 2009

Everyone doesn't like BUGS!!

Okay.. So I'm in apt this year of college, and I have roommates that are oblivious to nats flying and roaming around our kitchen!! I came out of my character and decided to clean (up there mess) the kitchen cause I couldn't take them being trifflin! and I took the trash out and what not. So! later on I come out of my room and there I find a bag of TRASH on the FRIGGIN' counter!! with juices flowing out of it!! WTF!!! That is friggin' disgusting!! Like i don't even know what to say! It's like they don't see the shit flyin' around! I killed like eight of em!! THANK GOD none are in my room! But excuse me! I have to use the kitchen too! I think I'll say something to her now....

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