Sep 17, 2009


Hello bloggers!! I know it's been a min since I've shared another BEAUTIFUL natural that I know!! So here is Frankie! As she says a "D dot C' native!! So check her out!!

1. Where are you from?
From the D dot C, lol lemme stop being a bamma. Im from Washington, DC or nations capitol.

2. How long have u been natural?
I've been natural going on 5 years now, I got my last perm in 10th grade.

3. If your hair could be any planet, what planet would it be?
Id say Mars, because I love to dye my hair red!

4. What are the pros and cons in your opinion of having natural hair?
Pros: Its very versatile, I can wear a frohawk one day, and Ill have a blow out the next , loose curls, tight coils, there is so much you can do with natural hair. I can also flat iron it out when I want a straight look but stay away from any moisture because it will instantly curl up. I always end up looking like a chia pet.
Cons: You must keep it conditioned and moisturize and this means wetting my hair almost every day. When its 30 below outside you dont want to go out with wet hair so I tend to keep it straightened during the winter months.

5. What products do you use on your hair? Which is your favorite?
As far as shampooing I am not picky about the product but when it comes to conditioning you must use a leave in conditioner. My favorite is Shea Butter leave in conditioner by Cantu, there's nothing else like it.

6. What has your hair done for you (for example: personality, individuality,etc)
I'd say that my hair has definitely set me apart, alot of times its so big that you cant help but take notice. Im also glad to have inspired alot of my friends to go natural as well.

7. How do you feel about your hair?
I LOVE MY NATURAL HAIR! I always joke to family and friends about getting a relaxer but I will never go that route again. Ive also vowed not to cut my hair again. I cut my hair about two years ago, I had no hair in the back, and two years later I have a head full of hair. So Im going to see how long it can grow, I want my bush to at least be past my shoulders. I also plan on locking up in 10 years, my mother started her locks when she was 30 so im gong to do the same.

8. Would you like to share any certain to tips to fellow naturals?
Umm Nappy hair is happy hair? Lol no jk, but all I can really say is be you, do it the way you want to do it! Dont let people discourage you about being natural or going natural. Its beautiful and its the way God intended it to be. As far as maintaining healthy hair I cant say it enough Conditioner, Conditioner, Conditioner, it makes all the difference.

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