Aug 27, 2009

Words of an Upperclassmen!!

So. I'm headed back to the big ole University tomorrow, and boy am I excited. I can't Thank GOD enough for pulling through the way he did this past year and for what he's doing now. I knew all of that solitude from the "world" to study on my music classes would pay off. I got good grades this last semester, my g.p.a is higher, and I feel like I'm on to something this year as far as my destiny goes. I miss my friends! We're all supposed to be having this "reunion dinner" when we all get back. For a minute everyone kind of went their own ways, but some of us came back, and it's like we never left!
I'm actually in the midst of packing. Even though no one reads this, I felt like I neglecting my pet BLOG. LOL. I have a lot planned for myself this semester, but it won't stop there. I got the housing that I signed up for. Though the lady on the phone was telling me that I probably wouldn't have anywhere to stay until next week when classes are on Monday! Everything has fallen into place. Usually I would have WAY TOO much to pack going to school, but this time that's going good too. My aunt DEB is coming with my Grandmother and I to Nashville. My Grams retired so, this will be her first little trip! I'm happy for her :-) she's worked really hard dealing with those jerks at that school. She and I both knew it was only because she smarter than them that they were waiting on her to mess up. Grams is too ahead of the game. LOL.
I'm excited about what's to come. I've learned more about myself and the people around me. Some things that used to be IMPORTANT are really not on the list anymore. I've learned that sometimes it's better not to care or to let things bother you-- that sometimes it's better to talk it out. Well, let the QWEEN get back to packing. I must eat and sleep. I really don't want to fall asleep in the car. You really don't realize how dumb and ignorant people are until you hear DEB AND PAT tell you how dumb and ignorant people are. :-) See u in Due Course!


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