Aug 3, 2009

Rachel Beau's Street Chic of The Week..- Mr. Tyler Tha-King James

Hello Bloggers. It's been a minute since I posted a Street Chic of The Week.. But Hey.. Here's one now!! Here is Tyler, a 21 year old college student, who has a particular eye for his own sense of style.. Like to know more about him? CHECK BELOW!

1. Where are you from?
I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio.

2. What inspires your style?
My style is inspired by what’s going on with me or in the world. Style is always changing and evolving. I usually read alot of lifestyle/fashion magazines and blogs including my own [] and incorporate some of what I see in those with some of my own style.

3. What would be your favorite song to get dressed to?
LoL my iTUNES is always playing on shuffle as I get dressed. Always something Kanye, Jay-z, Lil Wayne, Santogold, Janell Monae,Gucci, Kid Cudi.. or Jeezy.. But right now the song would be "Kinda Like A Big Deal" by the Clips x Kanye West.

4. If you’re style could be compared to any automobile, which would it be?
A C class Mercedes. Very classy and refined, yet it can be funky and laid back. You can go to a business meeting with a corporation's top execs or to a club with your homeboys and still be appropriate.

5. If you could be any accessory which would you be?
If I could be any accessory, I would be a fitted cap. I LOVE fitteds. If done correctly it can be dressed up or down. They’re so versatile. I usually throw one on when I'm between haircuts.

6. Out of your own closet, which is your favorite piece of clothing?
Right now, my favorite piece of clothing is my Ralph Lauren Polo Blazer. It fits me perfect and can be worn alot of different ways.

7. Would you consider your self a wise shopper, or compulsive shopper?
A little of both. You have to know what to splurge on and when to save. Invest in classic pieces that can be worn over and over in several different ways.

8. Do you have any shopper’s tips for the people for style on a budget?
On a budget.. Don’t fall for fads. They come and go quickly. Stock up on classic items then focus on incorporating the fads with those items. Like all-over-print BAPE style hoodies. They were a fad that came & went, at first they were everywhere & dope but now you'll look at someone like they’re crazy if u see them in one. Know when to splurge and when to wait. Like now, Ralph Lauren has already had out alot of their fall pieces in stores since late June. Don’t buy them now! Just be patient & wait, it’s still warm outside and they’ll be on sale by the time you’ll really want to wear them.

9. What is your message to those about individuality and style?
To those with individuality and style, KEEP IT UP! I like to take alot of risks and do things that alot of people normally wouldn’t when it comes to fashion. That’s what makes America so great. You have the freedom to wake up, look in your closet, and put together the craziest outfit you can imagine. As long as you’re comfortable and wear it like your "swagg" [hate that word] is on a million" nobody can tell u anything.


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