Aug 13, 2009

Rachel Beau's MISS NAPPY HAPPY OF THE WEEK- Jennifer

Today's Miss Nappy Happy is Jennifer a 22 year old TN college student who is a fellow Natural! She's here to share her natural thoughts!! Check Her out!

1. How long have you been natural?
Since November 2007, so around a year and eight months.

2. What style makes you feel the most confident?
Afro.........all day.

3. If your hair could be any television program which would it be?
I would say "Made" on MTV because changing my hair was a lifestyle change. It was something that I've been waiting to do a long time before I actually did it. Yet, it was a change for the better, it wasn't a temporary thing for a search for self.

4. If your hair could be any of the 5 elements, including heart, which would it be?
Earth. Hands down. I feel grounded and my thoughts are centered.

5. What products do you use, and which are good or bad?
I use natural products from a company called Wholeistic Living. I actually just joined the company. All members of the company are Tennessee State University graduates( well I will be soon). There is a Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, hair butters, and even products for babies. There are other natural products available through this company. On the other hand, chemicals will dry out and break off the hair. There will be damage to the hair follicles, clung the pores, and cause damage to the scalp. It's usually the ingredients that most people can not pronounce and there is usually lots of them if there is just one. Every product is not for everyone, but using all natural products is the way to go. Do not think that using the run-of-the mill shampoo is acceptable, when the natural texture of one's hair is not what that product is meant for. Keep it 100% natural.

6. What has being natural made you feel about yourself?
I feel more beautiful.....really. This is what I really look like. lol. It changed my whole routine from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night. It changed how people treat me. It's quite an expericence.

7. What song would you do your hair to?
"Child of the Earth" by Hugh Masekela..........Really, the whole album "Still Grazing".

8. Any personal message for the people who are keeping it kinky?
Stay away for the chemicals. Do not use a lot of direct heat and be careful with hair dryers. Do not stress the hair, meaning do not wear headbands or hair-ties everyday. Wash your hair on a regular basis ( keeping your hair dirty does not make it grow, it clogs the pores and damages the hair follicle as well). Last but not least, if you're going to rock the fro, then ROCK THE FRO!!!! Peace.

Check out this website from Jennifer to you!

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