Aug 23, 2009

Eating Habits and Lifestyle Changes

So. I have been thinking about my life as whole- how I live it, what I want out of it, and who I want in and out of it. I've been natural (hair) since May 2009. Having natural hair has made me look into other things natural and made me want to live a more natural and happy life. I don't eat pork or beef, and it's been that way since I was in middle school. No I'm not Muslim, as a matter of fact, my eating habits has nothing with my beliefs nor religion. One day pork became nasty to me, so did beef!! LOL.. As I mentioned before I'm like 30 lbs over weight, and I want it OFF!!! I have faced the fact that I am an over indulging eater! Sometimes I eat just because it's there. That's not always a bad thing, but I would always just over indulge on unhealthy foods! Clearly, that's a NO NO! I think I want to become a full fledge Vegetarian! I'm still thinking about it. I do think if I began to eat much better, I'll feel much better, and I look much better. When I say look much better, I don't necessarily mean skinny, but more so alive, well, and healthy... you know?

I also realized how we take much natural thing for granted!! I was on a fellow bloggers blog MANE and CHIC, and she mentioned a topic about essential oils and how they are a great help with everyday life as far as health, feelings, and focus!! That made me want to look more into essential oils, and how they work! There are cures for cancer, AIDS, Herpes, headaches, depression, EVERYTHING!! of course society won't lend us in on it cause they want us to keep buying their WACK products that supposed to make everything better, but have the severe side effects!! LOL but please check out this site that tells you about almost every ESSENTIAL OIL, and their benefits! It's other nice info on there too about honey, coconut oil, and fruit!! so click HERE to visit the site! That's all until next time SEE U IN DUE COURSE!!

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