Aug 9, 2009

Dress Tall

So.. I'm a cute petite curvy frame, that's a height of 5'2" . With me liking fashion and all, I love some looks off of the runway, and sometimes try to pull some ideas from them here and there. I CAN'T DO THAT!! Why? Because they're GIANTS and I'm a little NOME! It sickens me sometimes, but I can't do anything about it, but to dress my fly fresh around my height!! I have to dress short, but think and look taller and elongated!!

Mary Kate Olsen and Nicole Richie, are some lovely ladies that have a great sense of style and HEIGHT! MY HEIGHT!..:).. Being that we're the same height I looked to them for some ideas. The only difference is, is that my BUTT is GRACIOUS (if you know what I mean).. So I'm short with booty, and when I wear certain clothing, I look lumpy!! I probably just work out MORE since I already eat good! SQUATS it is!! And of course baby has to have a nice platform shoe!!
from left to right:(Aldo Shoe (Slagel), Aldo Shoe (Kilbury), Jessica Simpson Collection (Salopen)

So I guess I gotta get to work and shopping!! :)

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