Jul 23, 2009

So... Who is Who?...Really?

Okay.. Miss Ciara with this new cut is killing me. They should've let her keep her long curly lace front!! Seriously! Ciara's stylist and publicist need to give this girl one look cause it's too much for some people..including me!! First it was the blonde long hair.. that stayed a while, then it was brown, then it was the black and curly (best look), after that it was this corn row thing that made her look like Trey Songz twin brother! After the "Rows", it was this cleopatra wig that wasn't quite working for me either... and now this?!?! I know it's not just me!! I know it's not!! First she tried to COP Beyonce'...smh. Beyonce' clearly stated that she didn't want any passengers on her plane!! By the way.. What's with the contacts?? Ciara has contacts!! UGH!! Please stylist... No one out there can be fly as Rihanna! She's set the bar for you gals!!..Lemme hush.. point is.. this look is not for her.. she needs to the long black and curly!!

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