Jul 9, 2009

Recess... Back to School Party!!

Hello everyone! As we all know, School is right around the corner FOR EVERYONE!! Me being a 21 year old college student, I've witnessed back to school college parties, and they're all the same! "IT'S GOING DOWN AT CLUB CHIC! BACK TO SCHOOL PARTY! LADIES GET IN FREE GUYS 20 DOLLARS!!..BLAH BLAH BLAH!!" So.. Being a person who loves to have fun and change the scene every now and then.. I wanted to share some ideas about throwing a FUN, FREE, back to school party!!

Even though we're getting old, and a party there always seems to be "grown and sexy", sometimes that gets old, and at some point we all want to be a kid again!! ...So here is the list that could take us back to those days in grade school when we had NO care in the World!

JUICE BOXES instead of Alcohol- Instead of getting wasted, try "Little Hugs", or the juice we used to drink out of the little barrels back in the day. Fill the cooler up with those suckers and watch them GO!!

GAMES instead of "making it rain"- People kill me throwing rent money 1's all over the place!! So instead of money falling everywhere, have a Piñata full of candy and take turns hitting it!!

You could also play a good game of Tug of War, Hide and Go Seek, Red Light, Green Light, Pin the Tail on The Donkey and much more if you remember what you used to do when you were just a lil "power ranger"! Have BBQ and an Ice Cream Freezer, and neat party favors just like when we were kids!!

OH! and Don't HAVE IT IN A CLUB!! Have it outside, or at a park, or at your house! Anywhere with a lot of space would be good! ... SO HAVE FUN ON THE JUNGLE GYM!

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