Jul 24, 2009

Rachel Beau's MISS NAPPY HAPPY OF THE WEEK- Madam Prez

Miss Nappy of The Week is a Mass Comm, Illinois native, 21 year old Sascha (Madam Prez). Here she shares her thoughts on her hair!

1. What made you want to go natural?
I wanted to go natural because I wanted to get in touch with myself. I was tired of dying and frying my hair and not seeing any good results!

2. What have you learned about yourself and your hair during this natural journey?
What I've learned about myself and my natural hair is-- First, I can do my OWN hair and I never thought I could when it was relaxed. It's weird right? But my hair is definitely more manageable. Now, what I've learned about my hair is that my texture is really soft and it's really not kinky like I thought. I have a full head of hair so it always looks full. I absolutely LOVE my natural hair!

3. If your hair could be compared to any style of jean, what style of jean would it be?
If my hair could be any style of jean, I would say my hair is high waist wide leg jeans. My hair holds tighter curls at the root but they get bigger towards my ends.

4. What's your favorite style of all time for you hair?
My favorite style of all time are rod sets, but HOLD THE HOLDING SPRITZ PLEASE! I especially love this hairstyle cause I can do it on my own, which is GREAT.

5. What's your profession/major? Do you feel like your hair will interfere with any part of your future in your career?
I'm a student and my major is Mass Communication and my profession soon will be a news anchor and talk show host. First off, I have been told that my natural hair may be hard for people to accept; especially if I get locs, which one day I hope to get. My personal belief if if you are talented, people tend to like whatever. As long as I keep my hair up and I'm not looking a H.A.M (Hot Ass Mess) then I should be fine and that's what I'm sticking to.

6. What Do You Use On Your Hair?
I don't use anything particular, but I do use Olive Oil. I need to have a regimen, and an organic shampoo.. I'm getting to that though.

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