Jul 16, 2009


Hello Bloggers!! Here is LaLa, a 22 year old student from Houston!! She is MISS NAPPY HAPPY of the WEEK!! Check out her answers to my interview!! She's also has very informative videos on youtube. You can check out her Natural Hair Journey at the end of the interview!!

1. How long have you been natural?
I have been fully natural since July 5, 2008, the day I big chopped and had about 3.5" of hair. I transitioned from Aug 2007- July 2008.

2. What made you want to go natural?
I was tired of relaxing my hair and was interested in being able to do little puff balls with my hair. I was fascinated by other people's curls, so I thought why not seek my own.

3. If your style could be any piece of fruit, what fruit would it be?
A fruit, that is a unique questions. Well, maybe a pineapple because it is my favorite fruit. Like my hair, the pineapple has a unique flavor, lively on the palette, and energizing. My hair is amazingly unique, exciting, and lively. My hair is also chunky like chunks of pineapple lol.

4. If your hair could be any song, what song would it be?
Oh goodness, this is a new type of survey. A song, a song..."Art of Sound"...that song is one of kind, can never be duplicated. Neither can the strands on my head. I could listen to that song all day, and I love my hair all day long!

5. What is your favorite brand of Make-up? what look is your favorite?
I love CoverGirl. I'm not much of a make-up girl, so I don't spend money on pricey brands. I do not wear make-up often enough. It is affordable, great make-up.

6. Would you like to share any helpful tips to all the Naturals??
My best tip would be to love your hair. If you show it love, it will love you back. The greatest tips ever told to me was to style natural hair while wet and with a wise tooth comb and conditioner. I love the curly girl method and would encourage people to research and try it.

7. If going natural changed anything in your life, what is it?
Being natural has changed the way I feel about myself, my self-esteem. I have learned to love me that way God made me..beautifully natural in his image. I am more confident and outgoing. I can also see more beauty in the world around because I appreciate more of the simple things.

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