Jul 29, 2009

I'll Show You Crazy!

I don't know why.. but I've become sooo obsessed.. with That 70's Show!! Like, I've never realized how funny it was until I watched it straight through on youtube!! Here is my favorite episode!! from season 4 episode 1. Eric takes a look into the future and see what life would be like without Donna after breaking up with her. CHECK IT OUT!


87PageS said...

I love this show. It's my kicks and giggles when I have nothing else to do. I hope you have been watching Family Guy. That show has me rolling!

I love how you change you're layouts all the time!

Rachel Beau said...

YES MA'AM!! My boyfriend and I watch it all the time!! I get a tickle or two off of stuff like that!! You love how I change my layouts?!? THANK YOu!! I LOVE whAT u POST!!

Anonymous said...

That 70's Show is my shyt!!! Kelso and Fez have me rolling!