Jul 7, 2009

How Does it Feel?

Good evening Ladies and Gents! As I was searching for a better way of living and looking deeper into what I put on my skin and in my hair, I came across a lot more than I suspected! This site called SKIN DEEP Cosmetic Database, shares information about everything, and I DO mean EVERYTHING!! that you put in and on your body...Well, I didn't see food, but I did see information from Toothpaste to the diaper rash cream for babies!! It had Bodywashes, make-up, eye drops.. A Lot More... so if you have acne, or just can't seem to get bright teeth, or can't get your skin to stay moisturized even though the bottle says "VERY DRY SKIN"?? It might be what's in your products! So check it out!!! CLICK HERE-->..SKIN DEEP

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