Jun 7, 2009


So. I'm going natural... AGAIN.. I'm so excited this time though. I'm sooo.. falling in infatuation with being natural. NO CHEMICALS !! I got my BIG CHOP on the 14th of May! Boy what a chop it was..All of my hair is gone! But I love it. I feel better, it makes me want to eat better and be healthier! I've been telling myself for a while that I would go natural again, and I finally did it! I recently got it cut down again last saturday-- looked like a boy, but I was loving it..Still am. So far, I've gained most of my "going natural" information from this great informative blog keepitkinky.. I just love it! It has tutorials, hair ideas, good product recommendations, which made me look deeper into the whole naturalness process.. So. I'm excited, and I'm looking forward to going through my natural journey!! See U in Due Course!

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